Jr High/HS
Summer Art Camp

June 13-17, 2022
9AM - 12PM

Valley Christian Church in Chino, CA

Image Bearers Arts Academy is currently working with churches in the Chino Valley to offer summer art camps in June, July, and August of 2022. We are partnering with Valley Christian Church in Chino to be able to offer our Jr. High and HS program. This program offers your kids the opportunity to participate in an art conservatory in either the studio arts, the performing arts, the cinematic arts, or the culinary arts. VCC has also added two sports programs during the same week: basketball and football. See what the art conservatories consist of below, and click the button below to sign up. Cost is $50 for a week of conservatory workshops, and space is limited so sign up quickly!
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Studio Arts Conservatory

Students will be introduced to various mediums on the first day including drawing, painting, and collaging. For the rest of the week, students will be working on their Showcase Project, choosing any of the 3 main mediums (or a combination of mediums) they explored on the first day.
Improv Group

Performing Arts Conservatory

Five days of workshops in the performing arts will allow students to learn various acting techniques and elements of storytelling as well as work together in groups. During the course of the week, students will create a scene together in order to perform live in front of the entire camp.

Culinary Arts Conservatory

If you like to eat food, this is the perfect conservatory for you! We will cover basic knowledge of safe food handling, knife skills, different ways to cook foods and how it affects the flavor and texture of those foods, and how to layer flavors. All skill levels are welcome - whether you know how to cook like a pro already, or you are afraid to turn on the stove, you will be able to gain valuable skills. Spaces are very limited for this conservatory, so sign up early.


Garnishing Soup
Film Slate Marker

Cinematic Arts Conservatory

Students will be introduced to the world of film, learning about the various roles in film as well as the importance or storytelling. Students will work together to create their own stories and capture them on camera, learning various technical skills in shooting and editing. Their films will be displayed to the entire camp at the end of the week.