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Why is Art Important?

When we grid, measure, and draw — we use geometry.

Crafting Desk
Sculpture Artist

When we make sculptures — we use engineering.

When we mix colors — we reveal information about physics.

Pencil Colors
Student Writing

When we create illustrations — we learn about literature.

When we learn about art from da Vinci to Bansky — we study history.


Students who take art score almost 100 points higher on their SATs than those who do not. Art teaches us to solve complex visual problems in creative and unique ways. Art helps us to explore all subjects in school, to reveal their connections and deepen our understanding of the world.

Even if you do not want to be an artist, the best lawyers, smartest scientists, top chefs, the most famous inventors, the most celebrated and successful people in every occupation have ONE thing in common: the ability to creatively solve problems!

Art is the only subject that focuses on this.

Beautiful Beach

"When we create works of art, we solve complex visual problems in creative ways."

Eric Gibbons,

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