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Image Bearers Arts Academy understands that all human beings bear the image of our creative God, and as such are called to be sub-creators of the original creator, who can speak into our culture through art, creating a response in our culture that engenders beauty, goodness and hope where none currently exists.

What Makes IBAA Unique?

Here are some of the values that we believe set us apart from any other art-intensive scholastically excellent programs:

  • IBAA holds to the truth that all students are fully formed persons, deserving of respect and influence, and we must educate the whole person, not just their mind. We do not teach subjects just so that the students gain mastery in a particular field, but, rather, we teach character, empathy, living ideas, and spiritual formation throughout all of the formal education subjects (math, science, social science, and language arts) with an emphasis on educating through the arts.

  • IBAA believes that students learn best when they are enraptured and engaged inside and outside of the classroom. As we focus on the students themselves and adjust our teaching methods to personally engage each student, subjects will be engaging, enjoyable, immersive, and exciting, resulting in enhanced learning and understanding.

  • IBAA also believes that integrating a breadth of arts from a Christian perspective into the core learning environment is essential to equipping well-rounded students who can see themselves as image bearers of the creative God; and who can be given the freedom to explore various art forms in order to harness their own creativity in a generative way that brings joy, beauty and truth to the artist as well as the culture at large. Treating all students as inherent artists will enable them to be this needed voice of beauty and truth to everyone they encounter.

  • Most importantly, IBAA teaches our students from the perspective of a Christian worldview in all subjects. We believe that because Christianity is true, it speaks to all of life; it makes a comprehensive claim on everything that is real. Thus, all of our subjects, from the core subjects of math, science, social science, and language arts to the breadth of art subjects will be taught from the Christian worldview. All of our teachers are committed Christians who have woven Christ’s teachings into all of their lives and can speak to the truth and beauty of God through every discipline.

Founder's Welcome

Joel Headshot.jpg

My name is Joel Hendley and I am the founder of Image Bearers Arts Academy. I'm glad you're interested in what our school has to offer. Maybe you're looking for something that can cultivate your child's artistic abilities while still providing an excellent Christian education; maybe you're worried about the path our public schools are taking and want to ensure your child's success; or maybe you're looking for an alternative to the worldly indoctrination your child is receiving in their school today. Whatever the reason, I invite you to have a look around our site.


My desire is that you catch the vision to not only offer a world-class education for your child, but also to give them the vision of bringing the beauty and goodness of God to love and care for our culture.

Joel Hendley, Founder

Making something beautiful in a broken world can be harrowing work. And it can’t be done alone.

Andrew Peterson, Adorning the Dark

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