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About Image Bearers Arts Academy

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Image Bearers Arts Academy was formed in 2019 in response to the diminishing value that the arts, all of the arts, are being given in today's schools and society . We believe that great cultures and civilizations are great not only because of the products they manufacture, but because of the beauty, goodness, and truth they inspire, and ultimately how they point to the source of that beauty, goodness, and truth. Since arts education in childhood is the most significant predictor of both arts attendance and personal arts creation throughout the rest of a person’s life, IBAA's goal is to raise up individuals with an exposure to the breadth and depth of the arts who can care for our culture in ways that only artists can throughout their entire life.


Our Vision

We exist to educate and disciple individuals to love God, care for others, and reflect His beauty through the arts.

Art Class

Our Mission

Our passionate team provides a high-quality, arts-infused Christian education by helping students to discern truth and own their faith. Our students, through a zeal for discovery, learn how to think deeply and use their unique God-given gifts.

Our Goal

Image Bearers Arts Academy’s goal is to provide world-class arts-intensive Christian education for its students at the kindergarten, primary school, junior high, and high school levels. As continuing arts education has been tossed aside in favor of focusing on the STEM curriculum in our public schools, Image Bearers Arts Academy will fill the gap and provide not only high quality science, technology, engineering and math courses, but will teach those courses while exposing students to a breadth of the arts unparalleled in the public K-12 education institutions that exist today; from introductory courses in every art medium to focused elective conservatory education in dance, theater, visual arts, media arts, culinary arts and music.

We want to train artists that “can cast the appealing vision of beauty in the face of injustice, revealing brokenness and need, modeling love for the unlovable, revealing complexities, brokering reconciliation, teaching us to speak appealingly and persuasively, guiding the whole community through the challenges of engaging with the culture, leading us away from fragmentation and onward toward reintegration, and—perhaps—even uncovering again the Spirit’s light in the churches.”

Makoto Fujimura, Culture Care

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