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Cinematic Arts Classes

New class schedule is coming soon! Class offerings are subject to change!

The Film and Stop Motion classes are 1 hour long. SFX Makeup is a 1/2 hour class.

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Whether you have never tried to make a movie before, but are curious about how it works, or you love to make videos with your friends all the time and want to improve the quality of your films, this class is for you! Learn tips and tricks of the trade from an industry professional. Make short films with your friends and hone your creative voice. This class is offered for students in 7th through 12th grade.

Stop Motion

Whether this is your first introduction into stop motion animation, or you are looking for ways to improve your stop motion technique to get a more polished product, this class is for you. We will have loads of fun working together to create imaginative stop motion videos.
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SFX Makeup

Learn how to simulate realistic wounds, convincing aging, and other worldly features using various makeup techniques. Learn tips and tricks to impress your friends with amazing makeup effects for your costumes, stage plays, and films.
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