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Katelyn Moger

Cinematic Arts / Visual Arts
Katelyn Headshot.JPEG

Katelyn Moger is a Biola University graduate with degree in Film Production. When choosing a major, Katelyn decided to pursue film because it encompassed all of the many art forms she enjoyed like photography, acting, costuming, music, craft making, etc. while exercising her leadership skills in managing large groups of people. She now works in Hollywood as a production designer, and directs her own projects on weekends whenever she can. Having gone through the classical arts program in Biola's Torrey Honors College, Katelyn is very interested in telling stories that are Good, True, and Beautiful. Looking to create works that inspire wonder, Katelyn is passionate about the impact that films and filmmaking can have on people.

Described as wonderfully contrary and high energy, Katelyn’s passion for knowledge, fun, and real world application makes her an engaging teacher. She can’t wait to open they eyes of her students to the manifold world of creating, and to build their confidence and skill in their crafts of choice.

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