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Jamie Fischer

Artistic Storytelling

From a very young age Jamie has been passionate about the arts, and has a background in dance, theatre, piano, and voice. She is currently the Worship Arts Assistant for Chino Valley Community Church and is grateful to serve as both a leader for Sunday morning worship services and an administrative presence behind the scenes.


Jamie regards her homeschool education as especially formative for her zeal for academia. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from California Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, she was hired part-time at her local library. Within six months she was the full-time Assistant Manager, and two years later was promoted to Branch Manager. The itch for learning was still present, however, and after five years with the library Jamie elected to close that chapter and pursue graduate school abroad. After a year at University College Cork in Ireland, she received a Master of Arts in English Literature with First Class Honours. 

Jamie’s current passions are music and English, both of which she gets to explore vocationally and recreationally. She lives with a roommate and two naughty cats, and is writing a Young Adult fantasy novel in her spare time.

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