Visual Arts Classes

All of our visual arts classes are 1 hour long

Beginning Painting

Intro to Painting will teach students the joy of  
painting with various colors. They will learn how to mix different colors and learn how they interact with each other on the canvas. Students will use acrylic paint to explore these various color interactions.  Join us to explore the beauty of color and paint! This class is offered for students in 1st to 6th grade.
Beginning Painting: Friday 3:30PM
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Image by Debby Hudson

Int./Adv. Painting

This class will teach students how to compose their paintings in various ways. They will learn what it means to make a painting work using both color and form. Students will get to explore composition and how that works when creating a painting. With a blank canvas and a palette of paint students will explore the joy and wonder of painting! This class is offered for students in 7th to 12th grade.


Int./Adv. Painting: Friday 4:30PM


Students will have the opportunity to explore the creativity of God, the world, others, and themselves through learning the foundational principles and techniques of drawing and illustration. This class will guide students in creating a portfolio of work that showcases their own visual journey of self-expression and understanding the world around them. All supplies are included.
Drawing: Wednesday 4:00PM
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Leaves Drawing

Comic Book Creation/Story Telling

From the heartwarming story of a   lost dog that was found to the hilarious adventures of the neighborhood kids, there are stories happening all around us! This class will allow students to explore both the written and visual art of storytelling. Students will also get a closer look on how comic books are created and by the end of the class will have created their own mini comic!


Comic Book Creation: Friday 5:30PM


Character Design

Is your student intrigued by characters from Marvel, Pokémon, Disney, Pixar, and more? Through this class we will talk about what makes those characters intriguing and how we can design our own characters in the same way. Students will write and draw their own characters, focusing on how their designs further show their characters’ stories, personalities, and developments. No prior drawing or story writing skills needed.
Character Design: Friday 5:00PM
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Art Design Class.jpg

Graphic Design

Students will explore the principles of design and discover how art can be a powerful vessel for communication. This class will give students the ability to visually communicate their own thoughts and ideas as well as understand the design and beauty of the world around them. Students will create a variety of projects that will help them understand the world of design such as logos, words, prints, illustrations, graphics, and more.


Graphic Design: Friday 4:00PM

Paper Art

Students will get to use their hands to craft a variety of art projects centered around the medium of paper, including collage, origami, paper mache, and much more. Through this class, students will get a glimpse of what it means to be created to create, using the very hands that God has gifted us in order to glorify and worship Him. No prior art experience is needed.
Paper Art: Wednesday 5:00PM
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Making an Origami Bird
Making a Necklace


Enjoy a variety of artisanal craft making; from wood burning to basket weaving to jewelry making and more! This class will be full of fun projects that will expose children to a wide assortment of decorative craft making.


Handicrafts: Wednesday 4:00PM


Practice using a mechanical sewing machine, and enjoy making a variety of useful projects with the class. Learn how to read simple patterns, make intricate fresh stitch designs, and enjoy craft making all sorts of things like bags, blankets, and pot holders. Students will need to bring their own sewing machine. Contact us for suggestions prior to purchasing one. Class is offered for students from 7th grade to adult!


Sewing: Friday 5:30PM
Sewing Machine