Visual Arts Classes


In our painting courses we will be exploring color theory, techniques, mediums, and styles. This course will include both representational and abstract painting projects using a variety of materials. Through the use of paint, observation, and art history, students will gain a better understanding even before approaching their canvases. This course will be a unique opportunity for our young artists to strengthen their painting skills, as well as enhance the way they observe the world God has given us to explore. All supplies are included.
Painting with Acrylics - K-6th: Friday 2:30PM
Painting with Acrylics - 7th-12th: Wednesday 4:00PM
Painting with Watercolor: Thursday 4:30PM
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Image by Debby Hudson


In our collage course we will be discussing and executing the fundamentals of collage art. Through assembling different colors, textures, shapes, and materials students will explore the creation of a new concept out of preexisting objects and images. Some of these techniques will include the use of: magazines, transparencies, manipulated paper, drawings/sketches, stamps, fabric, photographs, personal items and more! Each week students will be filling pages of their sketchbooks (provided by IBAA) to ultimately create an array of finished collage works that can continue being built upon once our course has come to an end.

Collage: Friday 3:30PM

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Comic Book Creation

Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours? In this class students will learn what it takes to create their own comic book, from creating lovable characters, building compelling stories, breaking down the story into visual ideas, and finding their own art style. Our goal is to be able to produce an actual comic book through two courses by the end of the school year. Join us for this compelling class! It’s time to get your students’ great ideas swirling around in their head into their own comic. This class pairs well with the Character Design/World Building Class below.

Comic Book Creation: Wednesday 5:00PM

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Leaves Drawing


Students will have the opportunity to explore the creativity of God, the world, others, and themselves through learning the foundational principles and techniques of drawing and illustration. This class will guide students in creating a portfolio of work that showcases their own visual journey of self-expression and understanding the world around them. All supplies are included.
Drawing: Wednesday 4:30PM
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Through this class, students will receive the foundational knowledge needed to take photographs on any device from smartphones to digital cameras. Students will have opportunities to not only develop their skills to showcase a series of work, but also to train their eye to see the world through new lenses of beauty and wonder. Feel free to bring your own digital camera or smartphone for this class. If you don’t own one but would still love to sign up, let us know!
Photography: Wednesday 3:30PM
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Zooming Camera
Image by Eftakher Alam


Students will learn the principles of great design and typography while using the professional-grade Adobe Photoshop software to create digital drawings, logos, and more. No previous experience with graphic design or specific design applications is required. 
Photoshop: Thursday 3:30PM
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Character Design/ World Building

Is your student intrigued by characters from Spider-Verse, Pokémon, Disney, Pixar, and more? Through this class we will talk about what makes those characters intriguing and how we can design our own characters in the same way. Students will write and draw their own characters, focusing on how their designs further show their characters’ stories, personalities, and developments. No prior drawing or story writing skills needed. This class pairs well with the Comic Book Creation class above.
Character Design: Friday 3:30PM
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Web Design Class.jpg

Web Design

In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of designing for digital interfaces, creating apps and web pages fit for both desktop computers and mobile phones. In understanding the basics of digital design and web interfaces, students will develop the skills needed to create and customize their own web and mobile pages. No prior design or coding knowledge needed.
Web Design: Friday 4:30PM
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