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Technology Classes

All of our technology classes are 1 hour long

Computer Programmers

Game Development

Has your student ever wanted to create video games or work with computers? Through this class, we will introduce students to the basics of computer programming, teaching them how to combine creative and technical skills to create functional games and digital experiences. This class is geared towards middle school students and above, offered for students in 7th through 12th grade. No prior coding experience is needed.
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Game Development: Thursday 5:30PM

Digital Design & Photography

Students will explore the realm of digital art by learning about the principles of design and photography. While discovering how art can be a powerful vessel for communication, students will create a variety of projects focusing on the digital mediums of Photography and Graphic Design. This class will give students the ability to visually communicate their own thoughts and ideas as well as understand the design and beauty of the world around them. No prior art experience is needed.

Digital Design & Photography: Wednesday 5:00PM
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