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Hannah Stewart

Visual Arts
Hannah Stewart Headshot.png

Hannah is a visual artist based in Orange County and recently graduated from Biola University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in Design as well as a Minor Degree in Biblical Studies. From being interested in illustrating her own stories and creatures, to falling in love with visual design and language, Hannah creates art that strives to relate to other people, especially students. After years of serving in a ministry focused on sharing the gospel with public school students, Hannah has grown a heart for students to know of Christ and His love for them.

Throughout her time in college, Hannah specialized in the connection between art and spirituality, studying how the two are congruent with each other in order to better understand how God has designed us to be. Hannah believes that art is a wonderful way for students to not only better understand themselves, but their Creator as well. Hannah is very excited to provide opportunities for students to grow in their faith and discover beauty as they create their own works of art through Images Bearers Arts Academy.

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