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Hannah Sapigao

Visual Arts / Performing Arts
Hannah Sapigao Headshot_edited.jpg

Hannah is excited to join the Image Bearers Arts Academy team to encourage students to pursue creativity and wonder in the world that God has created. Throughout her life she has been able to see the beauty that comes with creativity and art. There is so much life in creativity and so much richness in God’s world and she is so excited to explore these possibilities with her students.


Hannah graduated Biola University with a BFA in Studio Art Painting and Drawing, a BS in English Writing and a minor in Biblical Studies. Throughout her time at Biola her pursuit of creativity grew. She constantly asked herself what it meant to make art that was God glorifying, and this has been a major driving force in her artistic practice. In the classroom she hopes to encourage her students to pursue creativity while also encouraging them to do it all for the LORD.

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