Performing Arts Classes

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Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts Classes are designed to teach students the core disciplines of singing, acting, and dancing. We offer classes in Choral Singing, Dramatic Arts, and Hula Dance that will culminate in an end-of-session performance.

Intro to Theatrical Dance

In this class, students will learn various beginning dance techniques as well as have the opportunity to practice and apply them through group and individual routines. Students will gain teamwork skills as well as grown in their knowledge and appreciation of dance.  All levels welcome, no prior experience is needed. 


Theatrical Dance: Thursday 4:00PM
Dance Class
Improv Group

Dramatic Arts

In this Dramatic Arts class, students will explore various performance techniques to help them become well rounded performers. Students will learn how to effectively use their breath, body and their voice to communicate and to tell a story. This class emphasizes both group and individual growth and development through games, group exercises and scenes and through individual monologue and/or song performance. 
Dramatic Arts: Thursday 5:00PM
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