Performing Arts Classes

All of our performing arts classes are 1 hour long

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Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts Classes are designed to teach students the core disciplines of singing, acting, and dancing. We offer classes in Choral Singing, Acting, Musical Theatre, and Beginning Dance that will culminate in an end-of-session performance.

Beginning Dance

In this class, students will learn beginning dance terminology and technique and have the opportunity to apply it through individual exercises and group dance routines. Students will also explore effective stretching methods and how to convey emotion through movement. No prior dance experience is needed.
Beginning Dance: Thursday 5:30PM
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Dance Class
Improv Group


In this class, students will explore various acting techniques and learn what it takes to become a better actor. Students will have the opportunity to learn about acting as well as how to tell a story, develop a character, and how to connect with another person on stage. This will be done through various games and exercises and in-class performances of scenes and monologues!


Acting: Friday 4:30PM

Musical Theatre

In this class, students will explore various singing, acting and dancing techniques and have the opportunity to practice them together to become well rounded performers. This will be done through scenes, songs and short dance numbers!  In addition to musical theater fundamentals, students will be able to practice teamwork, gain confidence, imagination and creativity, and have FUN through in-class exercises and performance!
Musical Theatre: Friday 5:30PM
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Gospel Group


In this class, students will learn basic vocal technique and music theory and be able to apply it through learning a piece of choral music with their peers. Students will explore melodies and harmonies and gain experience singing in a group with various vocal parts. No prior choral experience is needed.
Choir: Wednesday 5:30PM
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