Performing Arts Classes

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Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts Classes are designed to teach students both the core disciplines of musical theatre and acting. We offer two different classes separated by ages in Acting and Musical Theatre, as well as Special Effects Makeup and a Showcase Workshop class that will culminate in an end-of-year performance.

Musical Theatre

In this class, students will explore various singing, acting and dancing techniques as well as have the opportunity to put them all together and become well rounded performers. In addition to musical theatre fundamentals, students will be able to practice teamwork, speaking in front of an audience, listening as well as gain confidence, imagination and creativity, through in-class exercises and performance!


Class Offerings:
Musical Theatre 1: Friday 4:30PM
Musical Theatre 2: Friday 3:30PM
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Improv Group


This class emphasizes ensemble-building as well as personal growth, imaginative play, expanding creativity, strengthening self-confidence and self-discipline, memorization techniques, cultivating personal responsibility, and strategies for successful collaboration. Students will learn and gain acting experience through games, technique, and in-class performance. Course content may include some memorization of short scenes and monologues.
Class Offerings:
Acting 1: Monday 4:30PM
Acting 2: Monday 3:30PM

Showcase Workshop

Various techniques from other classes will be further explored and students will have the opportunity to put their new skills to use. In this showcase workshop, students will receive instruction and gain performance experience as they prepare and rehearse for an ensemble production to be performed in December.
Class Offering:
Showcase Workshop: Thursday 4:30PM - 6:30PM
Drama Students
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Special Effects Makeup

In this course we will be exploring different techniques within the realm of special effects make up. Through the use of unique materials, color palettes, textures, and patterns the students will gain knowledge and experience in transforming the human bodies into a beautiful work of art. Our exploration will include a large variety of styles; cuts, bruises and wounds, anywhere to wrinkles and burns. This is a beginning level course that welcomes all levels of experience and interests. Within this class our goal is to ultimately learn how to connect the performers to their roles with the use of make up...and of course, having a ton of fun!
Class Offering:
SFX Makeup: Thursday 3:30PM