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Peace Hill Classical Co-op
Art Electives

Intro to the Studio Arts

The Intro to the Studio Arts course will equip students to interact with the world with an understanding of beauty and truth. This course will give students an enriching experience by allowing them to explore a breadth of visual art mediums inside and outside of the classroom. Students will receive the opportunity to discover and strengthen their skills in the visual art categories of painting, drawing, sculpting, design, mixed media, and more. Students will also learn about the world of art by focusing on a variety of artists from different cultures and time periods. This course will guide students in creating a portfolio of work that will showcase their own artistic journey.

This elective class is open to students in grades 7-9.
Artist Painting in Studio

Though we seek to equip our students with the conceptual and technical aspects of the visual and performing arts, we ultimately strive to teach beauty and truth, aiding students to see Biblical truths and create art with empathy, love, and spiritual formation in mind.

Improv Group

Intro to the Dramatic Arts

In this Intro to the Dramatic Arts class, students will explore various performance techniques to help them become well rounded performers. Students will learn how to effectively use their breath, body and their voice to communicate and to tell a story. This class emphasizes both group and individual growth and development through group exercises and scenes and through individual monologue and/or song performance. Through the course of this class, students will have the opportunity to work on material that can be used in an audition setting as well as gain performance experience through in-class performances and a final showcase!

These art elective classes are only offered to families enrolled in the Peace Hill Classical Co-op

To learn more about Peace Hill Classical Co-op, send an email to or call 714-624-9993.

If you are already a part of Peace Hill Classical Co-op, make sure to sign up for one or both of these art electives. For high school students, these classes are worth 10.0 credits each.
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