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Our School

Our goal for the future is that IBAA will open its doors to students from Kindergarten through 9th grade of high school for full-time, engaging, high-caliber instruction in all subjects: science, math, language arts, social science/humanities, and physical education - all taught from a distinctively arts-based perspective. Along with the core subjects, students will be exposed to a breadth of art subjects and will have the opportunity to engage with the visual arts, graphic arts, performing arts, literary arts, and even the cinematic arts. 

Our Academics

As continuing arts education has been tossed aside in favor of focusing on the STEM curriculum in our public schools, Image Bearers Arts Academy will fill the gap and provide not only high quality science, technology, engineering and math courses, but will teach those courses while exposing students to a breadth of the arts unparalleled in the public K-12 education institutions that exist today; from introductory courses in every art medium to focused elective conservatory education in performing arts, visual arts, cinematic arts, design and music. Click below to see more.

Our Educational Philosophy

Our passionate team provides a high-quality, arts-infused Christian education by helping students to discern truth and own their faith. Our students, through a zeal for discovery, learn how to think deeply and use their unique God-given gifts.
IBAA has 5 pillars of education that enables us to accomplish this mission. Click below to read more about our educational philosophy.

Our Tuition

At IBAA, we believe in the ability to pay our top-tier educators fairly. Therefore, our tuition reflects our commitment to providing the best education for your enrolled students. The tuition shown here is the before-discount tuition. IBAA offers a multitude of discounts that can often bring the tuition costs down considerably. We also offer financial assistance to families who need a little bit of extra help.

If your family has questions about payment or financial assistance, please reach out to us and we will work together to ensure that an education at IBAA is easily within reach.

Our Schedule

IBAA offers families many different options for students, from early drop off to accommodate working parents, to after-school programming in the arts and study hall periods with helpful educators ready to engage with your students, to optional late pickup times for families.

Our core hours Monday through Friday are as follows:
Elementary: 8:05AM - 2:25PM
Jr. High/High School: 7:50AM - 4:25PM

See a sample schedule by clicking below.
We "do not provide arts education to create more artists, though that is a byproduct. The real purpose of arts education is to create complete human beings capable of leading successful and productive lives in a free society."
Dana Gioia, Commencement address at Stanford University, June 18, 2007
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