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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Image Bearers Arts Academy is to offer a challenging education grounded in the Christian Faith and the arts to produce young men and women who wisely and persuasively express beauty, goodness, and truth in order to care for our culture with the love of God.


Image Bearers Arts Academy’s vision is to provide world-class arts-intensive Christian education for its students at the kindergarten, primary school, junior high, and high school levels. As continuing arts education has been tossed aside in favor of focusing on the STEM curriculum in our public schools, Image Bearers Arts Academy will fill the gap and provide not only high quality science, technology, engineering and math courses, but will teach those courses while exposing students to a breadth of the arts unparalleled in the public K-12 education institutions that exist today; from introductory courses in every art medium to focused elective conservatory education in dance, theater, visual arts, media arts, culinary arts and music.

Our culture needs individuals who understand the positive impact art can have on culture and civilization, and work to bring God’s beauty into our culture through art in ways that bring truth, goodness, beauty, and hope to a society bereft of those life-giving concepts. Image Bearers Arts Academy intends to raise up a diverse body of individuals who will be able to care for our culture through educating and inspiring students to be sub-creators of the original creator, who can speak into our culture through art, creating a response in our culture that engenders beauty, goodness and hope where none currently exists.

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