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Homeschool Arts Classes

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts course will equip students to interact with the world with an understanding of beauty and truth. This course will give students an enriching experience by allowing them to explore a breadth of visual art mediums inside and outside of the classroom. Students will receive the opportunity to discover and strengthen their skills in the visual art categories of painting, drawing, design, mixed media, and more.


Class Offerings:
Visual Arts 1: Monday 11AM
Visual Arts 2: Monday 10AM
Creative Class
School Cones in Class

Dramatic Arts

In this Dramatic Arts class, students will explore various performance techniques to help them become well rounded performers. Students will learn how to effectively use their breath, body and their voice to communicate and to tell a story. This class emphasizes both group and individual growth and development through group exercises and scenes and through individual monologue and/or song performance.


Class Offerings:
Dramatic Arts 1: Monday 10AM
Dramatic Arts 2: Monday 11AM

Collage Art

In our collage course we will be discussing and executing the fundamentals of collage art. Through assembling different colors, textures, shapes, and materials students will explore the creation of a new concept out of preexisting objects and images. Some of these techniques will include the use of: magazines, transparencies, manipulated paper, drawings/sketches, stamps, fabric, photographs, personal items and more! Each week students will be filling pages of their sketchbooks (provided by IBAA) to ultimately create an array of finished collage works that can continue being built upon once our course has come to an end.


Class Offering:
Collage Art: Thursday 1:30PM
Acrilic Paints


In our painting course we will be exploring color theory, techniques, mediums, and styles. This course will include both representational and abstract painting projects using a variety of materials. Through the use of paint, observation, and art history, students will gain a better understanding even before approaching their canvases. This course will be a unique opportunity for our young artists to strengthen their painting skills, as well as enhance the way they observe the world God has given us to explore.
This class is open to all age ranges. All supplies are included.
Class Offering:
Homeschool Painting: Thursday 2:30PM
Our homeschool dramatic and visual art classes are divided by grade. If your student is in 1st through 5th grade, sign them up for the younger (1) class. If your student is in 6th through 12th grade, sign them up for the older (2) class. Our collage and painting class is open to all grades: 1st through 12th.
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