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Summer Art Camps

Jr. High/HS Camp: June 26-30, 2023
Valley Christian Church in Chino, CA

Elementary Art Camp: July 17-21, 2023
Valley Christian Church in Chino, CA

Image Bearers Arts Academy is currently working with churches in the Chino Valley to offer summer art camps in June, July, and August of 2023. Our program offers your kids the opportunity to be instructed in many different art forms, including painting, drawing, art design, collage, photography, film, acting, screen acting, musical theatre, and culinary arts—and they'll do it all while learning about how God has made them unique and how to use their uniqueness to love and serve others. As new dates are determined, they will be posted on this page. If you would like to enquire about offering a camp at your church, see below.
Don't see an available week or a church you can attend?
How about hosting an art camp at your church?

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Elementary Art Camp

Students will have the opportunity to learn drawing, painting, collage, art design, photography, film making, acting, musical theatre, and even the culinary arts in our week-long arts-intensive summer camp. From drawing self-portraits, creating silhouette-collages, painting works that can be donated to others, performing in a stage production, creating snacks for their fellow campers, to learning how to support the performing arts through photography, students will discover the world of visual, performing, and culinary arts and how it can be used to explore the world around them to and bless and love others around us.

Students' works will be presented in an end-of-week gallery for their friends and parents to see.
Biology Drawing Class
Painting Equipments

Jr. High/HS Art Camp

Students will be able to participate in one of four different art conservatories, allowing them to deep dive into their chosen art form. Conservatories are offered in Studio Arts (Painting, Drawing, and Collage), Performing Arts, Cinematic Arts, and Culinary Arts.

An end-of-week gallery and performance will allow students to demonstrate the skills they have learned throughout the week. Friends and parents are encouraged to attend.
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