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Our Academics

Image Bearers Arts Academy provides world-class arts-intensive Christian education for its students at the kindergarten, primary school, junior high, and high school levels. As continuing arts education has been tossed aside in favor of focusing on the STEM curriculum in our public schools, Image Bearers Arts Academy will fill the gap and provide not only high quality science, technology, engineering and math courses, but will teach those courses while exposing students to a breadth of the arts unparalleled in the public K-12 education institutions that exist today; from introductory courses in every art medium to focused elective conservatory education in dance, theater, visual arts, media arts, culinary arts and music.
Language Arts / Literature

From early grammar skills to discussing great classical literature, IBAA's Language Arts and Literature program grounds students in the ability to read well while leading them to understand and discuss great literary works in the higher grade levels. In doing so, students progress through a sequence of rhetorical studies designed to equip them with practical skills of argumentation, persuasion, and civil public discourse.


One of the best ways to engage students in their learning and in the world around them is to provide hands-on opportunities to learn and actually “do” science. IBAA has a science curriculum that teaches students to question, explore, build, collaborate, explain, analyze, think critically and creatively, and communicate, through hands-on laboratories, outdoor nature activities, and lively class discussions.

Paint Brush

IBAA offers the K-6 grade students a vast breadth of art instruction, including visual arts, graphic arts, performing arts, literary arts, and culinary arts. As the students enter the junior high and high school grades, conservatories will be established, allowing students to deep-dive into the art form that they wish to further develop. By offering both a breadth and a depth of art study, students will have the ability to both explore all art mediums as well as establish expertise in one or two they wish to carry with them beyond their schooling years.

Social Science / Humanities

Who is man? How should humans live? We will engage these questions in a chronological exploration of human culture. By studying the causes and consequences of different answers to these questions across time and cultures, students will gain an understanding of the power of ideas to shape human life and thought. In every Humanities class, students will practice the art of attentive reading, skillful writing, and dialectical engagement that is courageous and charitable.


IBAA math courses for grades K-6 ensure that the students have a thorough mastery of core mathematical functions and tables. We teach math with an emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than rote memorization. We also give students time to gain mastery rather than subjecting them to so much information that they have little chance for success.

In the higher grades (7-12), the IBAA math curriculum is designed to provide students with exceptional instruction and cumulative knowledge in Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry through Calculus.

Physical Education

IBAA Physical Education focuses on fundamental loco-motor and manipulative skills through exercise, games and activities. In cooperation with families, we encourage students to knowledgeably establish and maintain good health and nutritional habits. Moreover, students are encouraged to enhance Biblical patterns of behavior through activities requiring cooperation, teamwork, and general good sportsmanship.

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